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Cartridge Brass Service

*Hydro-Forming, Neck Turning, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Annealing, Case Resizing or False Shoulders for wildcats!

*New Hydro-Forming, custom neck turning and sizing available!


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Save that precious brass you have so much investment in!

Bring your old cartridge brass back to life and improve accuracy! Removing carbon residue build up inside and out by ultrasonic cleaning and annealing case necks, you return to consistent neck tension and reduce velocity extreme spread to a minimum. Inside carbon build-up and flaking deterioration along with neck hardening builds up after just a few re-sizings and firings causing shot to shot variations in velocity and overall accuracy.   


Ultrasonic cleaning brings the brass back to a bright clean finish inside and out including primer pockets.
Methodical automated annealing brings the case necks back to consistent neck tension which helps eliminate “flyers” in your groups or missed shots. Extending brass life is also a benefit by cutting down on your reloading cost and increasing the number of reloadings possible. $Saves you money! states “Properly annealed cartridge cases are essential to maintaining accuracy and long case life in hand-loaded ammunition”.

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